Titusville City Council Seat 2

My name is Christopher Childs, and I am a candidate for Titusville City Council Seat 2 - 2020

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"I'm not running against anything or anyone; I'm running for Titusville FL."

Christopher Childs

Christopher Childs for Titusville Fl City Council 2020


Christopher has been working as a systems consultant in the healthcare field since 2003. Mr. Childs' clients have included Johns Hopkins, Cedars Sinai, NYU Langone Medical, Henry Ford Medical Center, and Wake Forest Baptist Health. His focus has been improving the communication of testing orders and the results of those tests.

To ensure the right people get the right results at the right time requires coordination between many people and multiple departments. This also includes reading and understanding of government guidelines. Christopher has traveled the country working with various clients in many states, which has required compliance with multi-state and federal regulations.

Christopher's diplomatic skills and determination to keep people focused on positive patient outcomes are the reasons why his projects have resulted in the satisfaction of the healthcare staff and, more importantly, the patients. He truly enjoys getting people to work together positively and wants to use these skills to help Titusville. Christopher is a proud father of 4 and a husband to a wonderful wife.

why Titusville

Christopher and his wife, Amanda, both work from home and are not originally from Titusville. They had the option to live anywhere in the country, so they narrowed the search to Florida and, more specifically, the Florida coastline. The couple considered moving to the Florida Keys but kept looking north due to more reasonable housing costs. Christopher had lived in Titusville before and liked the feel of the town. He convinced Amanda to consider Titusville as well. Amanda was raised in a small town in South Carolina, similar to Titusville, and found the city charming. Cason, Christopher's oldest child, lived with his wife in Orlando and worked at Disney. So living in Titusville would be close to family as well. Amanda and Christopher bought a home and soon after got pregnant. Their beautiful daughter, Penelope, was born at Parrish Hospital. Recently Cason and his wife, Michelle, bought a home in Titusville intending to start a family of their own in due time and with God's grace.


"Don't find fault, find a remedy" - Henry Ford

Wellness Committee

The health of citizens and businesses in Titusville is the top priority. We should form a Wellness Committee comprised of local physicians and business leaders to advise the city council on the current and future wellness of the community. The committee would allow the city to approach any health crisis with tools for a reasoned and balanced approach for protecting the citizens and businesses of Titusville. We cannot only rely on health guidelines for big cities.


Christopher has always been the person that steps up and takes on important tasks like leading projects dealing with time-sensitive laboratory results. He has brought people together to resolve inter-departmental hurdles to get the job done for patients. Whether it is patients or citizens, Mr. Childs takes his commitments to those he serves with the utmost importance. The bottom line is that Christopher will show up when his city needs him.

Water Bills

Mr. Childs supports an independant audit of the water department in order to get to the bottom of the issues that plague many members of the community and drive people away from purchasing a home here in our city.

Christopher Childs for Titusville Fl City Council 2020


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We need to build a relationship with NASA, SpaceX, and Blue Origin to create STEM programs that will spark interest in local youth. The workforce of tomorrow will be centered around STEM and it will be vital to our city to have local talent ready for the challenges. Having those programs will also attract families with young children, especially families with parents that work across the river.

Indian River Lagoon

Mr. Childs is committed to the Indian River Lagoon master plan. Working together with our county, state, and federal partners we can make progress on restoring this natural wonder that brings $7.6 billion to the regional economy. Our lives, marine life, and local economy are inextricably linked to the health of the lagoon.


I look forward to working with local business leaders to find solutions for getting people back to work and on easing regulations in a balanced way to make that goal a reality. We can do this while keeping people safe with the right health policies, and the city council should lead the way.

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